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Cultural Change Journey

I offer ways of returning to presence and awareness within our own bodies as a foundation for creating a more just world where we can bring our full selves into a transforming culture. This work is based in my own practice, which I have cultivated over m

you are ready to listen to what your body is saying about your racialized location

you run an organization that is ready to include voices from every level of your organization

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My Story

I came to the United States from Trinidad in the 80’s to attend culinary school. After completing my BA, I knew I wanted to work in the community and became a union organizer, and then in a nonprofit focusing on system and policy change.

My passion is racial equity work and using the tools of Theater of the Oppressed, Non-Violent Communication and Courageous Conversations to engage groups seeking to deepen their understanding in racial equity.

I bring my lived experience as a woman of color and a single mom to inform my approach to racial equity work.



I provide workshops in a highly experiential two-day format. We use tools from Theater of the Oppressed, Playback Theater and other experiential forms to gain insights into historical and structural racism, and personal challenges in regards to implicit bias. This is also an opportunity to revisit challenging incidents, exploring the least harmful way you could choose to respond in similar situations.


If you are ready to take a deep dive and examine how your actions are affecting others and supporting a system that is harmful to BIPOC and do so on a one to one sessions this is your opportunity.
These sessions are not intended to validate that you are a “good” person but to help you move into layers of racism that you haven’t yet explored. 


“Ashnie is well-equipped to lead groups of people and key decision makers through systemic challenges of racial equity, both in group settings as well as one-on-one consultations. Her facilitation style originates from a place of love and compassion which shines through as she supports professional teams to explore difficult conversations while moving towards collaborative relationships.”

Dr. Conny Wagner
Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic

“Working with Ashnie is solidifying to my soul… Her encouragement to dig deeper into my racial lens and layers has helped bring powerful presence to my work in the world as a black woman. I am thankful for the clarity, focus and wisdom you share sister.”

–Velda Thomas
Author, Artist, Healer

“Ashnie is a trusted problem-solver, especially for socially complex issues. She listens for things that are underneath what is being said and can focus on the heart of an issue. When I have consulted with her, she has helped me to stay centered within myself and to work through a problem with clarity and compassion, with my heart and mind together.”

Carol Iwata, project manager
Clouds in Water Zen Center

“Working with Ashnie has connected me more deeply to my humanity and helped me better understand ways in which my liberation is bound up with others. Ashnie listens closely: extending empathy and asking crucial questions that tease out and pull apart the assumptions from the truth, the social conditioning from core, the whiteness from the human. Ashnie makes me feel seen and held accountable. She beckons me toward love for my whole self, which inevitably ripples out toward love for all.”

— Alison Kileen

“Ashnie has a gift in getting to the core of what I am saying, even in moments where I am struggling to put words to my experience. She somehow manages to hold the line of heartfelt empathy with expected accountability; a skill she balances with ease. As someone who struggles to separate their thinking mind from their experience, Ashnie helped me build a practice of connecting to my body and to my breath. It is with this building practice that I am learning to ask my body what it needs and lead from there.

I started coaching with Ashnie at a time when I was struggling. Struggling with being one of a few women of color in a white-led organization, struggling with feeling like I was ever doing enough, and struggling with understanding how to dismantle my own internalized white supremacy. Ashnie taught me that existing as I am is enough and how the path of radical self-acceptance is critical to my own liberation; as well as cultivating a sense of safety in speaking up when I see white supremacy showing up in others. And she also helped me cultivate the practice of looking inward and exploring where white supremacy may live inside me, as only when we turn inwards can we make inroads to dismantling white supremacy.”

— Fatima Jawaid

“I came to the work with
Ashnie hoping to see my “blind-spots,” but I’m  learning so much more than that. A few highlights: Finding your  unique strengths for dismantling racism, the recognition that each  individuals’ relationship to culture is nuanced, that my own  ancestry and lineage interacts with my day-to-day life, how to  train for difficult & honest conversations…a daily practice for learning to trust my own wisdom,  an increased ability to understand others’ experiences  from their perspective, and less fear that I’ll “say the wrong  thing” …for starters. I recommend this work for anyone who is truly interested in seeing  and changing the ways in which they may perpetuate white  supremacy, often without knowing it.“

– Rachel Brice

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