People of Color Caucus: Internalized Racism

People of Color Caucus: Internalized Racism

A highly experiential 2-day workshop for People of Color to explore how we can better support each other and thrive in the face of the white supremacy that surrounds us.

Featuring Theatre of the Oppressed and other interactive approaches.

All People of Color (including multi-heritage / mixed race)
are welcome

Facilitated by Cheryl Harrison & Ashnie Butler

Cheryl-headshot-200x209 .          Ashnie-Headshot-200x221


  • Uncover internalized racism – internalized stereotypes and other painful / oppressive messages that we may have taken on from dominant white culture.
  • Investigate internalized “whiteness”.
  • Untangle intra-group oppression, between People of Color.
  • Explore ways to be better allies to each other.
  • Move towards action and the creation of a more just future

There is tremendous value in People of Color coming together to dismantle racism (and other systemic “isms”.) There is much inner work that we ourselves can do to create an environment that supports People of Color to be whole, healthy, and powerful as individuals and as communities.

Through examining our own, sometimes unaware, internalization of stereotypes, violence, and other historical trauma, this workshop will be an opportunity to creatively use our experiences to help create a more equitable and humane world for all.

We consider this workshop a valuable step towards a place where People of Color and all people can share each other’s stories, do genuine healing, and take effective action in solidarity.

“I absolutely appreciated Ashnie & Cheryl. They came to the workshop really honoring the wisdom of each individual and the collective wisdom of the group.”    Patricia Julio, 2017 


*Our approach recognizes and addresses personal as well as institutional racism. We pay particular attention to the more subtle ways racism plays out in the U.S. Though applied theater-based activities will be our primary tool, no acting experience is necessary!!


Mon. July 8 & Tues. July 9, 2019
9:00 AM – 5:30 PM
(You must commit to both days in their entirety.)


Port Townsend, WA, USA


US $250; $200 if paid by April 30, 2019
($$ arrangements available based on need; no one turned away. Financial aid policy.)


To register:
Send $50 (per person, non-refundable) deposit to:

Mandala Center
1503 22nd St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368



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