A Successful People of Color Caucus for 2019: Join us for 2020!

Just completed our third annual People of Color Caucus, and it was deeply rewarding. We spent two days together in the beautiful town of Port Townsend on the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington
State. We traveled from South Carolina, Missouri, Berkeley, California, Seattle, and Portland to be together.

As promised, we only spent a few minutes on how whiteness from white people affects us, and the remainder of our time together we talked about how we participate in the system of whiteness. We unpacked how we deal with our internalized painful trauma stemming from colonization and white supremacy, keeping us from being our best selves and in a supportive community with each other. We laughed, we cried and held each other with care, respect, love, and support. Oh, and we had some yummy food to enjoy whenever we felt like it.

I deeply appreciate my co-facilitator and friend Cheryl Harrison on this journey. Her strength, openness and non-judgmental practice help create a strong container for us to see ourselves. Cheryl and I are committed to dismantling the path that white supremacy tells us we must follow and forge our
own ways of supporting each other.

We acknowledge the subtle ways in which whiteness shows up in our speech, how we keep ourselves down, how we use the same negative stereotypes that whiteness employs to harm
each other. We shared our stories and found healing and possible ways we can show up for ourselves and each other that reduces harm and supports courage. We engaged tools from Playback, Theater of the Oppressed and the teachings of Rev. Angel Kyodo Williams to support our time together. Oh, and you have to get on the train with Rev. Angel.

From her Black, Queer, Zen Buddhist platform she points to the truth of our existence and how white supremacy is choking us every day and the hope in self-reflection, disrupting, and dismantling systems of oppression! Check out the book she co-authored with Jasmine Syedullah, Ph.D. and Lama Rod Owens: Radical Dharma.

We hope you will join us next year for a deeper dive into self-healing and becoming a beloved community that holds each other in respect and love and support in all the ways we need it!

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