A Healing Conversation: Unpacking Whiteness

Ashnie Butler and Jimmy Pete invite you to join in a critical exploration of “Whiteness” and how it impacts our relationships with friends, colleagues, and the greater community in which we live. We offer an opportunity to become clear and conscious about one’s participation in human suffering via this system of rank, privilege, power, and exclusion. This is a two-part series, starting with a contextual look at our personal orientation toward race and identity in this country. Our process moves towards getting in touch with our own humanity, and being in recognition of, and connected to the humanity around us.

A two-part workshop on unpacking whiteness:

  • Immigration History
  • What is your family history: when did they migrate here, what land did/do they live on?
  • Economic journey: what’s your family history of access to resources and wealth based on inheritance?
  • What is your family’s orientation/perspective on historical racial oppression in this country?
  • What will you do now in addition to reading articles and books?

Ashnie Butler has 15 years’ experience working with Theater of the Oppressed; and uses tools such as Non-Violent Communication and Courageous Conversations to engage individuals and organizations in strengthening their capacity to understand historical oppression and how white supremacy functions with individuals and organizations, supporting them on a racial equity journey.

Jimmy Pete brings over 30 years’ experience, offering expert consultation in Diversity and Inclusion, as well as Community Building for schools, nonprofit organizations, and businesses as an accomplished Trainer and Facilitator dedicated to cultural inclusion and healthier communities.

In preparation for the workshop, you will be given reading assignments and some questions for you to consider before participating in the workshops.

This is a two-part workshop.

  • Part 1 will be August 23, 2020 at 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • Part 2 will be August 30, 2020 at 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Slots are limited to 20 spaces.

Cost: $275 for both sessions

Cancellation Policy: We are offering a 50% refund until August 16th. The proceeds of your canceled registration will go toward much-needed healing in the BIPOC community. Thank you for your support!

Click this link to register!

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