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Inner Work, Outer Play offers a variety of services, including workshop facilitation around racial equity, using creative and interactive tools from Theater of the Oppressed. Additional services include community building workshops, business consulting, and meeting facilitation, holding space for exploring oppression in the workplace.



  • Unpacking Historical and Systemic Oppression
  • Anti-Bias Workshops
  • Bystander Training
  • Affinity Groups

I provide workshops in a highly experiential two-day format. Each workshop day is six hours. In our workshop, we will be using tools from Theater of the Oppressed, Playback Theater and other experiential forms to gain insights into historical and structural racism and personal challenges in regards to implicit bias. This is also an opportunity to explore how to respond effectively to incidents that you’ve experienced or perpetuated and were or are challenged by exploring the least harmful way to respond.

Individual One on One Sessions:

If you are ready to take a deep dive and examine how your actions are affecting others and supporting a system that is harmful to BIPOC and do so on a one to one sessions this is your opportunity.  These sessions are not to validate that you are a “good” person but to help you move into layers of racism that you haven’t yet explored.
Equity Plans for Businesses and Organizations:

I will meet with your organization to craft an equity plan for your organization. This could include workshops, facilitating meetings, one on with staff,  or other methods after a personal consult. We will examine your organization’s value system together and address what needs to be transformed to move toward representation and inclusion.  We will also set a timeline and goals to move toward being an equitable and inclusive organization.

“Ashnie is an inspiring and skilled racial equity consultant. She has coached me to understand on a deep, personal level how whiteness operates in me, and how I can challenge unearned privileges in my daily life. She has an excellent equity analysis and communicates in way that helps me identify how to bring my actions in line with my stated racial equity beliefs. It is too easy for me as a white person to get complacent in the work of seeing and challenging whiteness in my spheres of influence. Ashnie’s coaching has allowed me to stay in the zone of continual reflection and growth. For example, she has helped me deeply understand how equity must be at the forefront of all discussions and decisions about how resources are allocated. She has also expertly coached me to do a deep dive into my racial autobiography so that I can understand (and communicate more clearly) how my identity has been shaped by race, and more specifically by relationships, institutions, and systems that uphold white dominance. I have learned so much about myself as an individual and in my relationship with the outside world through Ashnie’s racial equity coaching. I highly recommend Ashnie to any nonprofit leader looking to engage in equity work–both internally and within their organization” – Jess Thompson, Leadership and Change Management Consultant Thomke Consulting LLC

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