ashnie butler


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Come join me on a
cultural change journey

I offer ways of returning to presence and awareness within our own bodies as a foundation for creating a more just world where we can bring our full selves into a transforming culture. This work is based in my own practice, which I have cultivated over many years.

IF you are ready to listen to what your body is saying about your racialized location

IF you are white-bodied and you’re ready to look back at your own history within the context of US history using Mindfulness

IF you run an organization that is ready to include voices from every level of your organization



PLAY in the WORK
I offer a unique way of holding space by bringing play, laughter, and humor to the work of unlearning racism and connecting it to the intention of creating a better world for everyone.

You can count on me to encourage and hold you accountable for participating in the process while laughing at ourselves and accepting our imperfection – our clumsiness, our cluelessness, our resistance. Humor is a tool we can use to learn and to grow.


Holding space with Mindfulness is a way to navigate challenging racialized conversations. I am dedicated to my liberation which is tied to your liberation. 

Being with You on the Journey

The learning journey is never over.

I know that I have not escaped internalizing the negative messages of white supremacy, and I recognize that in order to hold space for transformation, I need to continually hold sacred space for my own growth. You can trust that I am continually doing the work of unlearning the racism that lives within me.


I came to the United States at age 17 from Trinidad and Tobago to go to culinary school. I began as an immigrant, and became a woman of color, a naturalized citizen, and a single mom.The road from that initial step to the person that I have become has taken many turns, and all of it lives in me as a person and as a consultant.

My commitment to my own growth has led me to participate in workshops and trainings with valued teachers, including training in Theater of the Oppressed and Mindfulness.