Iunnamed (2) was impressed by the way Ashnie was able to get our group to quickly push past their discomfort to engage fully in her exercises and create a sanctuary where people felt free to reveal their most vulnerable selves. It takes great skill to hold space for other people’s emotions in a way that makes them feel seen, heard, and affirmed.
I would recommend the workshop for groups of people who are intentionally searching for connection, community, and healing.
– Tiffany McClain, FoodCorps Direction of Organizational Equity and Inclusion


Ashnie is an amazing person and facilitator. You can feel the passion, strength, and energy from her. She empowered us to use or voice in a loving way. The workshop was mind-blowing. This workshop created vulnerability, raging emotions both good and bad, courage and bravery, reality-checks, support systems, and peace. I cried in front of people I didn’t really know. I shared stories that I don’t really talk about. I opened myself so that others would find the courage to open themselves. I released pain that was lying dormant inside of me. I found a bit of freedom in this workshop and it helped me to remember my voice. Tiffany Jones


I especially loved the hand identifying activity and the survival of the fittest gesture/sound activity. I liked the extensive space for cultural sharing at the beginning, and the space for healing around past trauma. Ashnie was a strong facilitator, not afraid to shy away from hard topics, listening very closely to everyone’s stories and trying to hold everyone in the group. Annabel Raby


The playfulness of each activity opened me to the crevices in which I tucked away pain and oppression. Ashnie was phenomenal in making the space comfortable and welcoming.  Andrea Blanton


I like that there was big air of silliness and that allowed me to lean into the discomfort of being vulnerable. Karen Diaz




I felt we got guided into the experience and then all of a sudden we were way deep (in a good way). I think that speaks to Ashnie’s facilitation that we felt comfortable and trusting enough to go there. Overall it was really interesting – I hadn’t done TO before. 

I appreciate how there were many ways to engage with the exercises even if we weren’t the ones sharing really intense experiences. Lydia Yamaguchi



I liked that it was different from what we are used to when approaching oppression. Even though I didn’t necessarily like TO, I liked that it was different and that I was able to experience something familiar in a different way. I liked that Ashnie was very kind and understanding of different personalities and made it a very comfortable space. FoodCorps, alumni participant


Ashnie, you are f***ing awesome. You’re a badass, in the best way and also such a sweet, loving person. I’m so happy you facilitated my first experience with Theater of the Oppressed. I’ll never forget it because I left that weekend feeling more powerful and more fully like myself than I have ever felt and I didn’t even know that was possible. Thank you so much for your beautiful gift. FoodCorps, alumni participant


Ashnie’s facilitation of Theater of the Oppressed with the Hunger-Free Leadership Institute was sensitive yet strong, holding space for our community to take risks and be radically honest with each other. Through a series of ever-deepening activities, Ashnie’s skills allowed the group to peel away the layers of social niceties, revealing empathy and love beneath. She was responsive to the group in-the-moment, changing activities in real time as needed, evidencing her presence and attention as a skilled facilitator. The H-FLI community was able to deepen our connection to each other, as well as build understanding of our diverse and common experiences, particularly because of the skills she brought into the room. Thank you, Ashnie! Alison Killeen, Senior Program Manager, Community Engagement Coordinator, Oregon Hunger Task Force


Ashnie has been working with our organization for the past year, and I don’t know anyone better equipped to lead groups of people and key decision makers through systemic challenges of racial equity. Ashnie’s facilitation style originates from a place of love and compassion while our professional team has explored diffcult conversations while working to move toward collaborative relationships. Her training and the space she creates promotes the establishment of inclusive and equitable practices. She has also allowed us to move from stagnation to action and to shift how we do our work. I highly recommend Ashnie for anyone seeking to understand their own social agency and how to work towards moving us collectively closer to a more equitable future. Dr. Cornelia Wagner, Hawthorne Veterinary Clinic

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